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  1. Multipath secret sharing in ad hoc networks: a hierarchical approach via Birkhoff interpolation / Ballico, Edoardo ;Boato, Giulia ;Fontanari, Claudio ; et al. 2004-10-01.
    Secret sharing schemes provide a natural way of addressing security issues in mobile ad hoc networks. [...]
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  2. A Microwave Imaging Method for NDE/NDT based on the SMW Technique for the Electromagnetic Field Prediction / Massa, Andrea ;Pastorino, Matteo ;Rosani, Andrea ; et al. 2004-08-01.
    In the framework of NDE/NDT, this paper presents an innovative microwave diagnostic approach based on the use of the SMW inversion procedure for the electric field prediction. [...]
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  3. Digital Architectures for Adaptive Processing of Measurement Data / Boni, Andrea ;Petri, Dario ;Biasi, Ivan ; 2004-01-01.
    In this paper we describe the design of digital architectures suitable for the implementation of measurement data classification based on Support Vector Machines (SVMs). [...]
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  4. Stochastic and Reactive Methods for the Determination of Optimal Calibration Intervals / Nunzi, Emilia ;Panfilo, Gianna ;Tavella, Patrizia ; et al. 2004-01-01.
    The length of calibration intervals of measurement instrumentations can be determined by means of several techniques. [...]
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  5. Fast Estimation of A/D Converter Nonlinearities / Stefani, Fabrizio ;Moschitta, Antonio ;Macii, David ; et al. 2004-01-01.
    This paper deals with an innovative strategy to shorten the record size required to estimate the Integral Non-Linearity (INL) of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC?s) through the so-called Sinewave Histogram Test (SHT). [...]
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  6. Wideband Communication System Sensitivity to Quantizaztion Noise / Moschitta, Antonio ;Petri, Dario ; 2004-01-01.
    The performances of A/D converters are usually characterized in their granular region, by adopting amplitude limited sine-wave testing signals. [...]
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  7. Measurements of Transient Phenomena with Digital Oscilloscopes / Moschitta, Antonio ;Stefani, Fabrizio ;Petri, Dario ; 2004-01-01.
    In this paper, the effects of sampling upon rise time measurements with a digital oscilloscope are considered. [...]
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  8. Measurement Uncertainty and Metrological Confirmation in Quality-Oriented Organizations / Carbone, Paolo ;Macii, David ;Petri, Dario ; 2004-01-01.
    The effect of measurement uncertainty on estimates and decisions performed under a regime of quality control and improvement, is considered in this paper. [...]
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  9. Management of Measurement Uncertainty for Effective Statistical Process Control / Carbone, Paolo ;Macii, David ;Petri, Dario ; 2004-01-01.
    In the context of quality assurance strategies, statistical process control techniques and conformance testing are necessary to perform a correct quality auditing of process outcomes. [...]
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  10. Time Characterization of Capacitive MEMS RF Switches / Fontana, G. ;Pianegiani, F. ;Petri, D. ; et al. 2004-01-01.
    The significative technological contribute provided by capacitive MicroElectroMechanical System Radio Frequency (MEMS RF) switches has to be accompanied with state?of?the?art methodologies for accurate measurements of their performances. [...]
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