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  1. Painleve' test and symmetries of the long wave-short wave resonance equations / Oliveri, Francesco ; 1990.
    In this paper we consider a system of partial differential equations describing the resonant interaction between a long wave and a short wave. [...]
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  2. Wave generation at an interface / Zordan, Clara ; 1990.
    The problem of wave generation at an interface by an incident wave is fully analyzed with particular attention to the so-called evanescent (or inhomogeneous) waves. [...]
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  3. Deformation waves in nonlinearly elastic inhomogeneous wave guides / Samsonov, Alexander M. ; 1990.
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  4. Formulazione intrinseca del problema di Cauchy in relativita' generale: caso del vuoto / Ferrarese, Giorgio ;Cattani, Giorgio ; 1990.
    Nell'ambito della decomposizione 3+1 dello spazio-tempo viene considerato il problema di Cauchy per le equazioni gravitazionali, nel caso del vuoto. [...]
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  5. On the stability of a plane parallel convective mixture through the lyapunov second method / Mulone, G. ; 1990.
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  6. Sul problema della degassazione e contaminazione di superfici in ambiente rarefatto / Fasano, Antonio ;Primicerio, Antonio ; 1990.
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  7. Modelling of nonlinear seismic waves / Engelbrecht, Juri ; 1990.
    In this paper physical and mathematical concepts in the modelling of nonlinear seismic waves are analysed. [...]
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  8. On the discrete boltzmann equation with multiple collisions / Toscani, G. ; 1990.
    We analize the effect of the multiple collisions in the evolution of the density of a discrete velocity gas. [...]
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  9. On nonlinear wave processes generated by random signals / Bellomo, N. ;Sobczyk, N. ;Bonzani, N. ; 1990.
    This paper deals with the analysis of the nonlinear Burgers dissipative wave equation subject to random initial conditions. [...]
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  10. Induced discontinuities in thermoviscoelastic solids of integral type / Borrelli, Alessandra ;Patria, Alessandra ; 1990.
    In this paper we study the induced discontinuities associated with a discontinuity wave of order N>= 1 propagating through a homogeneous anisotropic linear thermoviscoelastic solid whose heat flux vector depends upon the past history of the temperature gradient. [...]
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