Two finite difference methods for a nonlinear BVP arising in physical oceanography

Riccardo Fazio, Alessandra Jannelli


In this paper we define two finite difference methods for a nonlinear boundary value problem on infinite interval. In particular, we report and compare the numerical results for an ocean circulation model obtained by the free boundary approach and a treatment of the problem on the original semi infinite domain by introducing a quasi-uniform grid. In the first case we apply finite difference formulae on a uniform grid and in the second case we use non-standard finite differences on a quasi-uniform grid. We point out how both approaches represent reliable ways to solve boundary value problems defined on semi-infinite intervals. In fact, both approaches overcome the need to define {\it a priori}, or find by trials, a suitable truncated boundary used by the classical numerical treatment of boundary value problems defined on a semi-infinite interval. Finally, the reported numerical results allow to point out how the finite difference method with a quasi-uniform grid is the least demanding approach between the two and that the free boundary approach provides a more reliable formulation than the classical truncated boundary one.


Nonlinear boundary value problems; semi-infinite intervals; free boundary formulation; quasi-uniform grid; finite difference methods

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