Modeling and self-organization dynamics of aggregation processes in acoustically levitated disaccharides solutions

Antonio Cannuli, Maria Teresa Caccamo, Salvatore Magazù


The present work deals with an analytical model formulated in order to characterize the drying process of acoustically levitated droplets. The model for the drying process is based on the calculation of the mass flux of vapor leaving the droplet surface and on the calculation of the change rate of the liquid droplet mass. The results obtained through the model, in terms of droplet diameter versus time, are compared with experimental data collected on aqueous solutions of trehalose and sucrose by using a video camera. It will be shown how the model predictions are in excellent agreement with the collected experimental data. In particular it emerges that the behaviour of squared droplet diameter as a function of time follows a linear trend for about 20 minutes, reaching then a plateau at longer time. Such a behavior can be explained in terms of water evaporation and disaccharide aggregative processes.


Mathematical Modeling, Self-Organization Dynamics of Aggregation, Drying Processes, Ultrasonic Levitation, Disaccharides Solutions

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