Vortex diffusion in superfluid turbulence: hysteresis and decay

Maria Stella Mongiovì, Lidia Saluto, David Jou


In this paper we consider the effects of vortex diffusion in two paradigmatic inhomogeneous physical situations; radial heat flow between two concentric cylinders, and vortex decay in a finite cylindrical container. Diffusion effects may strongly modify the expected results for the vortex length density L as a function of the heat flux q, leading also to dynamical unexpected features, relating L to time in decay, or to hysteresis behaviour of L for increasing/decreasing heat flux.


Vortex diffusion, liquid helium, quantum turbulence, quantized vortices, hysteresis, decay.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1478/AAPP.97S1A17

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