Hydrodynamic modeling of electron transport in gated silicon nanowires transistors

Orazio Muscato, Tina Castiglione, Armando Coco


We present a theoretical study of the low-field electron mobility in rectangular gated silicon nanowire transistors at 300 K based on a hydrodynamic model and the self-consistent solution of the Schrödinger and Poisson equations. The hydrodynamic model has been formulated by taking the moments of the multisubband Boltzmann equation, and closed on the basis of the Maximum Entropy Principle. It includes scattering of electrons with acoustic and non-polar optical phonons and surface roughness scattering.


Nanowires, Semiconductors, Boltzmann equation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1478/AAPP.97S1A18

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