Thermodynamics of heterogeneous and anisotropic nonlinear ferroelastic crystals

M Francaviglia, L Restuccia


In a previous paper, in a geometrized framework for the description of simple materials with internal variables, the specific example of ferroelastic crystals with anisotropy grain-tensors à la Maruszewski was considered and the relevant structure of the entropy 1-form was derived. In this contribution the linear morphism defined on the fibre bundle of the process and the transformation induced by the process are obtained as new results within the geometrical model. Furthermore, Clausius-Duhem inequality for these media is exploited, and, using a Maugin technique (see also Colemann-Noll procedure), the laws of state, the extra entropy flux and the residual dissipation inequality are worked out. Finally, following Maugin, the heat equation in the first and the second form are derived.

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