Modeling galactic extinction

C. Cecchi-Pestellini, G. Mulas, S. Casu, M. A. Iatì, R. Saija, A. Cacciola, F. Borghese, P. Denti


We present a model for interstellar extinction dust, in which we assume a bimodal distribution of extinction carriers, a dispersion of core–mantle grains, supplemented by a collection of PAHs in free molecular form. We use state–of–the–art methods to calculate the extinction due to macroscopic dust particles, and the absorption cross–sections of PAHs in four different charge states. While successfull for most of observed Galactic extinction curves, in few cases the model cannot provide reliable results. Paradoxically, these failures appear to be very promising, suggesting that the whole body of dust extinction features might be described within the cycle of carbon in the interstellar medium.

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