Optical trapping and optical binding using cylindrical vector beams

S. E. Skelton, M. Sergides, R. Patel, E. Karczewska, O. M. Maragò, P. H. Jones


We report on the use of cylindrical vector beams for optical manipulation of micron and sub-micron sized particles using the methods of a single-beam gradient force trap (optical tweezers) and an evanescent-field surface trap (optical binding).  We have demonstrated a stable interferometric method for the synthesis of cylindrical vector beams (CVBs), and present measurements demonstrating polarization-controlled focal volume shaping using CVBs in an optical tweezers.  Furthermore we show how appropriate combinations of CVBs corresponding to superpositions of optical fibre modes can be used for controlled trapping and trafficking of nanoparticles along a sub-micron diameter tapered optical fibre.


Optical trapping

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1478/C1V89S1P004

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