Scattering matrix measurements and light-scattering calculations of calcite particles

D. D. Dabrowska, O. Muñoz, F. Moreno, T. Nousiainen, E. Zubko, A. C. Marra


We present measurements of the complete scattering matrix as a function of the scattering angle of a sample of calcite particles collected near Lecce, Italy. The measurements are done at a wavelength of 647 nm in the scattering angle range 3°-177°. FESEM and SEM images show that the sample consists largely of  flake-like particles. Ten different flake-like geometries are randomly generated  and their scattering properties are simulated with DDA for sizes from 0.1 μm to 1 μm. Some preliminary comparisons of the simulations and the measurements are shown.


Calcite, Birefingence, Dust, Mars, Atmosphere

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