Modified refractive index of zinc sulfide nanoparticles doped glasses

M. Moussaoui, R. Saoudi, S. Tonchev, S. Palle, A. V. Tishchenko


ZnS nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in an oxide glass have been achieved in the present work by melting process. The UV-visible absorption and fluorescence properties of these doped and undoped glasses have been evaluated and compared. Studies on absorption spectra showed that the size of the ZnS NPs was near to 2 nm. Doped glass fluorescence characterized by laser confocale microscopy is centered at about 620 nm. We measured also the refractive index of ZnS doped glasses. The maximum refractive index difference between the undoped and ZnS doped glasses was found about 0.1 (l = 0.6328 nm).


ZnS nanoparticles; refractive index;

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