Vol 83 (2005)

Table of Contents


Exploring the dusty Universe Abstract PDF
MA Iatì, R Saija, P Denti, F Borghese, C Cecchi-Pestellini
Microscopic theory of spatially resolved photoluminescence in disordered nanostructures Abstract PDF
Salvatore Savasta, Giovanna Martino, Giuseppe Pistone, Omar Di Stefano, Raffaello Girlanda
Variational principle and phase space measure in non-canonical coordinates Abstract PDF
Alessandro Sergi
Ecophysiological characterization of cultivable Antarctic psychrotolerant marine bacteria able to degrade hydrocarbons Abstract PDF
A Lo Giudice, L Michaud, G Gentile, M De Domenico, V Bruni
A geometric model for magnetizable bodies with internal variables Abstract PDF
M. Francaviglia, Liliana Restuccia, P Rogolino
Measure for families of hyperplanes systems in the affine space Abstract PDF
Giovanni Molica Bisci
On actions of the additive group on the Weyl algebra Abstract PDF
Gaetana Restuccia, Hans-Jürgen Schneider
A few splitting theorems for rank 2 vector bundles on P4 Abstract PDF
Margherita Roggero, Paolo Valabrega
The fundamental principle for mean-periodic distributions Abstract PDF
Adelina Fabiano
Intorno al terriccio sul telo sindonico Abstract PDF
Giovanna Di Salvo, Giovanni Fazio

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