Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05

Proceedings of the International Conference and Summer School on
Messina (Italy), 25-30 September 2005

Guest Editors: V. Ciancio, M. Francaviglia, W. Muschik, and L. Restuccia

Table of Contents

Preface and front material PDF
Vincenzo Ciancio, Mauro Francaviglia, Wolfgang Muschik, Liliana Restuccia
Non equilibrium thermodynamics with internal variables in Kluitenberg's theory PDF
Vincenzo Ciancio
Why so many "Schools" of Thermodynamics? PDF
W Muschik
Quantum thermodynamics: Microscopic foundations of entropy and of entropy generation by irreversibility PDF
GP Beretta
On special- and general-relativistic thermodynamics PDF
HH von Borzeszkowski, T Chrobok
Superpositions in Prigogine's approach to irreversibility for physical and financial applications PDF
David Carfì
Extended irreversible thermodynamics and non-equilibrium temperature PDF
J Casas-Vázquez, D Jou
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics with higher order fluxes: Balance laws and exploitation of the entropy inequality PDF
Vito Antonio Cimmelli, Wolfgang Muschik, Vita Triani
Thermodynamics of heterogeneous and anisotropic nonlinear ferroelastic crystals PDF
M Francaviglia, L Restuccia
Close-to-Fourier heat conduction equation for solids: motivation and symbolic-numerical analysis PDF
H Herrmann, H Gu, G Rückner, J Siebert, W Muschik
Thermodynamic and mesoscopic modeling of tumbling nematics, of shear-thickening fluids and of stick-slip-like flow behavior PDF
S Hess, S Heidenreich, P Ilg, C Goddard, O Hess
An introduction to endoreversible thermodynamics PDF
Karl Heinz Hoffmann
Temperature component method for heat conduction problems PDF
Janusz Jankowski
Heat and mass transfer across phase boundaries: Estimates of coupling coefficients PDF
Signe Kjelstrup, Dick Bedeaux
A stress field in the vortex lattice in the type-II superconductor PDF
Bogdan Maruszewski
On the objectivity of time derivaties PDF
Tamàs Matolcsi, Péter Ván
Introduction to the thermomechanics of configurational forces PDF
Gérard A Maugin, Arkadi Berezovski
Nonlocal and rotational effects in quantum turbulence PDF
Maria Stella Mongiovì, David Jou
Waves propagation in superfluid helium in presence of combined rotation and counterflow PDF
Rosa Anna Peruzza, Michele Sciacca
Indefinite metric of R. Mrugala and the geometry of thermodynamical phase space PDF
Serge Preston, James Vargo
Mesoscopic non-equilibrium thermodynamics PDF
José Miguel Rubi
Action of a heat source and influence of initial condition on the plane state of temperature PDF
Roman Starosta, Tomasz Walczak, Janusz Jankowski
Thermodynamic extremal principle and its application to Dufour and Soret effects and plasticity PDF
Jirì Svoboda, Franz Dieter Fischer, Jirì Vala
White areas on the map of applying non-equilibrium thermodynamics: On the self accelerating electron PDF
Jòzsef Verhás