Vol 88, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Raman scattering investigation of the water-bridge phenomenon: Some preliminary results Abstract PDF
Francesco Aliotta, Maria E Fontanella, Rosina C Ponterio, Franz Saija, Cirino Vasi
Coupled multiple organic microcavities Abstract PDF
Sara Stelitano, Alessandro Ridolfo
Constructions for large sets of disjoint compatible packings on 6k+5 points Abstract PDF
Jianguo Lei, Yanxun Chang, Giovanni Lo Faro, Antoinette Tripodi
Buffon type problems with multiple intersections for regular lattices Abstract PDF
Vittoria Bonanzinga, Loredana Sorrenti
A review of life history pathways in Bryopsis Abstract PDF
Marina Morabito, Gaetano Gargiulo, Giusi Genovese
In silico allergen identification: Proposal for a revision of FAO/WHO guidelines Abstract PDF
Fabrizio Guarneri

Lectures and Colloquia

Correlated orbital theories with both local and non-local one-body potentials Abstract PDF
Norman H March
Algorithms for non-Hamiltonian dynamics Abstract PDF
Alessandro Sergi, Gregory S. Ezra

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