Vol 91, SUPPLEMENT NO 1 (2013): Advanced modelling in continuum mechanics

A collection of articles written in honour of Giuseppe Grioli on the occasion of his 100th birthday

Guest Editors: N. Manganaro and T. Ruggeri

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
Natale Manganaro, Tommaso Ruggeri
Characteristic features of extended thermodynamics of dense gases PDF
Takashii Arima, Masaru Sugiyama
Internal structures, phase field and balance laws in continuum mechanics PDF
Valeria Berti, Mauro Fabrizio
Phase-field modeling of transition and separation phenomena in continuum thermodynamics PDF
Alessia Berti, Claudio Giorgi
Microscopic structures from reduction of continuum nonlinear problems PDF
Franco Cardin, Alberto Lovison
On evaluation of electric conductivity by mean of a thermodynamical model for dieletric relaxation phenomena. An application to liver tissue PDF
Vincenzo Ciancio, Francesco Farsaci
Nonlinear wave interactions for quasilinear hyperbolic 2×2 systems PDF
Carmela Currò, Domenico Fusco
Redistribution of damping in hyperbolic systems of conservation laws PDF
Constantine M. Dafermos
Microstructured continua and scaling for wave motion PDF
Jüri Engelbrecht
Some results in the nonlinear stability for rotating Bénard problem with rigid boundary condition PDF
Paolo Falsaperla, Andrea Giacobbe, Giuseppe Mulone
Motions in liquid-vapour interfaces by using a continuous mechanical model PDF
Henri Gouin
The dynamics of a landslide PDF
Marshall J. Leitman, Piero Villaggio
Surface energy arising from the behavior of lipid molecules in the water via Γ-convergence PDF
Luca Lussardi, Alfredo Marzocchi
Shock and rarefaction waves in a hyperbolic model of incompressible materials PDF
Andrea Mentrelli, Tommaso Ruggeri
On detonations and flames PDF
Ingo Müller
Dissipative entropy makes the heat equation hyperbolic PDF
Paolo Podio-Guidugli
A note on antiplane motions in nonlinear elastodynamics PDF
Edvige Pucci, Giuseppe Saccomandi
On the stability of nonautonomous binary dynamical systems of partial differential equations PDF
Salvatore Rionero
Lyapunov functionals for the heat equation and sharp inequalities PDF
Giuseppe Toscani