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Vol 85, No 1 (2007) The main lithoid material origin of the Temple of Hercules in San Marco d'Alunzio (Sicily, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Carmelo Saccà, Domenica Saccà, Preziosa Nucera, Anna De Fazio, Massimo De Maria, Roberta Somma
Vol 89, SUPPLEMENT NO 1 (2011): ELS XIII Conference The nature of interstellar dust as revealed by light scattering Abstract   PDF
D. A. Williams
Vol 92, No 2 (2014) The Nitidulidae and Kateretidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) of Sicily: Recent records and updated checklist Abstract   PDF
Cosimo Baviera, Paolo Audisio
Vol 94, No 1 (2016) The Peritelini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Entiminae) of the Vitale collection Abstract   PDF
Cosimo Baviera, Cesare Bellò
Vol 88, No 1 (2010) The pointwise Hellmann-Feynman theorem Abstract   PDF
David Carfì
Vol 89, No 2 (2011) The Wronskian and its derivatives Abstract   PDF
Letterio Gatto
Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05 Thermodynamic and mesoscopic modeling of tumbling nematics, of shear-thickening fluids and of stick-slip-like flow behavior Abstract   PDF
S Hess, S Heidenreich, P Ilg, C Goddard, O Hess
Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05 Thermodynamic extremal principle and its application to Dufour and Soret effects and plasticity Abstract   PDF
Jirì Svoboda, Franz Dieter Fischer, Jirì Vala
Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05 Thermodynamics of heterogeneous and anisotropic nonlinear ferroelastic crystals Abstract   PDF
M Francaviglia, L Restuccia
Vol 86, No 2 (2008) Thermodynamics of semiconductors with impurities Abstract   PDF
Maria Paola Mazzeo, Liliana Restuccia
Vol 91, SUPPLEMENT NO 2 (2013): PISRS Proceedings (Part II) Thinking about random events from a logical point of view Abstract   PDF
Rosario D'Amico
Vol 92, SUPPLEMENT NO 1 (2014): PISRS Proceedings (Part III) Tobin’s “A Dynamic Aggregative Model”: An analytical interpretation Abstract   PDF
Michele Giovanni Limosani
Vol 85, No 2 (2007) Topological characterizations of S-linearity Abstract   PDF
David Carfì
Vol 89, SUPPLEMENT NO 1 (2011): ELS XIII Conference Tuning the structural and optical properties of gold/silver nanoalloys prepared by laser ablation in liquids for ultra-sensitive spectroscopy and optical trapping Abstract   PDF
E. Messina, L. D'Urso, C. Satriano, E. Fazio, M. G. Donato, B. Fazio, C. D'Andrea, O. M. Maragò, P. G. Gucciardi, G. Compagnini, F. Neri
Vol 81-82 (2003-2004) Tutela del diritto di proprieta'delle immagini digitali: Implementazione di un algoritmo di Watermark mediante funzioni Wavelet Abstract   PDF
Santa Agreste, Nuccio Castorina, Salvatore Giovinazzo, Daniela Prestipino, Luigia Puccio
Vol 92, SUPPLEMENT NO 1 (2014): PISRS Proceedings (Part III) Uniqueness property for quasiharmonic functions Abstract   PDF
Sevdiyor A. Imomkulov, Zafar Sh. Ibragimov
Vol 89, SUPPLEMENT NO 1 (2011): ELS XIII Conference UV-depolarization Lidar remote sensing experiment analysis using scattering matrix formalism Abstract   PDF
A. Miffre, G. David, B. Thomas, P. Rairoux
Vol 83 (2005) Variational principle and phase space measure in non-canonical coordinates Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Sergi
Vol 84 (2006) Vocal tecnology: A normalization approach Abstract   PDF
Alfio Puglisi
Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05 Waves propagation in superfluid helium in presence of combined rotation and counterflow Abstract   PDF
Rosa Anna Peruzza, Michele Sciacca
Vol 90, No 2 (2012) When acid-base titrations are carried out in unusual conditions Abstract   PDF
Domenico De Marco, Rocco De Marco
Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05 White areas on the map of applying non-equilibrium thermodynamics: On the self accelerating electron Abstract   PDF
Jòzsef Verhás
Vol 86, Supplement No 1 (2008): THERMOCON '05 Why so many "Schools" of Thermodynamics? Abstract   PDF
W Muschik
Vol 88, No 1 (2010) The effect of conformational restrictions on the segmental relaxation dynamics of semicrystalline polymers Abstract   PDF
Araceli Flores, Marco Pieruccini
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