Mediterranean Journal of Clinical Psychology

The MJCP is an Open Access Peer-Reviewed International Journal in Clinical Psychology. 

MJCP was founded in 2013 at the University of Messina, Italy, to report research dedicated to innovative and important areas of Clinical Psychology:

1.Clinical studies related to Clinical psychology
2. Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
3.Basic studies pertaining to clinical psychology field as experimental psychology, psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoanalysis;
4.Growing application of clinical techniques in clinical psychology, health psychology, clinical approaches in projective methods;
5. Forensic Psychology in clinical research
6. Psychology of Art and Religion
7. Advanced in basic and clinical research methodology including qualitative  and quantitative research and new research findings.

The Editor in chief will accept papers of high scientific caliber.


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AIP Honorary Membership to Professor Franco Di Maria

The 19th of last March, on a determined and unanimous proposal from Executive Committee of the Clinical and Dynamic Psychology Section, the Italian Association of Psychology (AIP) has conferred the honorary membership to the Prof. Franco Di Maria.
Below is the short inaugural address pronounced by Prof. Renata Tambelli and Prof. Sergio Salvatore for the occasion.

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