Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Girolamo Lo Verso

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology and Research: epistemological notes PDF
Emanuela Coppola, Carmela Mento
Childhood obesity treatment and prevention. Psychological perspectives of clinical approaches PDF
Maria Catena Quattropani, Teresa Buccheri
Relationship between weak central coherence and mental states understanding in children with Autism and in children with ADHD. PDF
Pina Filippello, Flavia Marino, Patrizia Oliva
Relationship between temperament and anxiety disorders: a systematic review PDF
Marco Liotta


A metaphor for the group analysis PDF
Anna Maria Ferraro, Girolamo Lo Verso
Implicit memory Interconnections between Neuroscienses and Subjectual Groupanalysis PDF
Roberta Lampasona, Girolamo Lo Verso, Antonino Giorgi

Health Psychology

Tokophobia: when fear of childbirth prevails PDF
Alessandra Scollato, Roberta Lampasona
Temperament and Generativity during the life span PDF
Amelia Rizzo

Projective Methods

Emotional profiles to the Rorschach test in subjects affected by Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: preliminary observations PDF
Giovanna Gioffrè, Carmela Mento, Salvatore Settineri, John C. Trombetta