Vol 1, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Salvatore Settineri

Clinical Psychology

Learning disabilities and social problem solving skills PDF
Pina Filippello, Flavia Marino, Laura Spadaro, Luana Sorrenti
Metacognition and negative emotions in clinical practice. A preliminary study with patients with bowel disorder PDF
Vittorio Lenzo, Teresa Buccheri, Carmela Sindorio, Alessandra Belvedere, Walter Fries, Maria Catena Quattropani
The association between alexithymia and impoverishment of dreaming: an empirical research amongst undergraduate students PDF
Ivan Formica, Federica Barbàra, Antonella Trotta
The Cold man. A clinical case of the cold sensation. PDF
Salvatore Settineri, Filippo Tatì, Carmela Mento

Projective Methods

The process of latency in current clinical: study through projective methods (Rorschach and T.A.T.). PDF
Tiziana Sola, Carmela Mento, Mariantonietta Gennari, Silvia Marfisi


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Lara Gitto
Report PDF
Salvatore Settineri
Report PDF
Salvatore Settineri
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Emanuela Coppola