Vol 1 (2006)

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An Analysis of a Quantum Kinetic Two-band Model with Inflow Boundary Conditions Abstract PDF
Chiara Manzini, Omar Morandi
Model Order Reduction for Dynamic Electro-Thermal Simulation of Microsystems Abstract PDF
Tamara Bechtold, Evgenii B. Rudnyi
Analogue Behavioural Modelling for Electronic Circuits Abstract PDF
Jan Symons
Optimal Doping Profiles in Semiconductor Design Abstract PDF
Concetta Drago, René Pinnau
Food Packaging Optimization by Means of Integrated CAD/CAE and Statistical Techniques Abstract PDF
Mario Antonio Francese, Domenico Livio Francese
Multilevel Gradient Method with Bezier Parametrisation for AerodynamicShape Optimisation Abstract PDF
Massimiliano Martinelli, Francois Beux
Differential Evolution to Solve Constrained Optimisation Problems Abstract PDF
Rosario Rascuná
Optimization of electronic circuits Abstract PDF
Jan ter Maten, Achie Lin, Ahmed El Guennouni
Channel Models for DNA Word Design Abstract PDF
Luca Bortolussi, Andrea Sgarro
Predicting the Insurgence of Human Genetic Diseases Due to Single Point Protein Mutation using Machine Learning Approach. Abstract PDF
Remo Calabrese, Emidio Capriotti, Rita Casadio
Stem-loop Structure Search Abstract PDF
Simone Scalabrin, Alberto Policriti, Michele Morgante
Quantification of Mediator Relevance in Immune Cell Network Abstract PDF
Paolo Tieri, Silvana Valensin, Gastone Castellani, Daniel Remondini, Claudio Franceschi, Vito Latora, Massimo Marchiori
Motif Discovery Fixing Mismatch Positions Abstract PDF
Marco Zantoni, Alberto Policriti, Emiliano Dalla, Claudio Schneider
Embryonic Cleavage Modeling as a computational approach to Sphere Packing Problem Abstract PDF
Luca Zammataro, Guido Serini, Federico Bussolino, Todd Rowland
Risk Minimizing Hedging in a Partially Observed High Frequency Data Model: a Filtering Approach Abstract PDF
Claudia Ceci
Catastrophic Events, Claims and Risks Abstract PDF
Augusto Freddi, Giulia Sargenti
Active Infrared Thermography in Nondestructive Evaluation (2): Detectionof Hidden Damages from Real Data Abstract PDF
Paolo Bison, Maurizio Ceseri, Dario Fasino, Gabriele Inglese
Crack Initiation in Elastic Bodies Abstract PDF
Alessandro Giacomini
Periodic Satellite Constellations for Local Telecommunication and Monitoring Services Abstract PDF
Mauro Pontani
A Wavelet-Based Watermarking for Digital Images of Different Size Abstract PDF
Santa Agreste, Guido Andaloro
Stochastic Monte Carlo Simulation for the Solution of the Dynamic PopulationBalance Equation in Batch Particulate Systems Abstract PDF
D. Meimaroglou, C. Kiparissides
The Post-Gelation Behaviour of the Coagulation Equation with Product Kernel Abstract PDF
Henry van Roessel, Mazi Shirvani
Blind Source Separation with Sparsity Constraints for Magnetoencephalography Abstract PDF
Massimo Fornasier, Francesca Pitolli, Vittorio Pizzella
Numerical Approximation of a BGK-type Relaxation Model for Reactive Mixtures Abstract PDF
Alessandra Aimi, Mauro Diligenti, Maria Groppi, Chiara Guardasoni
The Application of a Boundary Integral Equation Solution Method inParameter Extraction for Time-Domain Transmission Line Simulation Abstract PDF
Federico Delfino, Renato Procopio, Mansueto Rossi
Diagnostic System of Coronary Artery Disease: Parameter Identification Tasks and Treatment of Tracer Kinetic Problems by using Integral Equations Abstract PDF
Bernhard Quatember, Martin Mayr
Direct Numerical Methods for Integral Equations in Elasticity Theory Abstract PDF
Ezio Venturino
Multiplicative Schwarz Methods for Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations ofElliptic Problems Abstract PDF
Paola F. Antonietti, Blanca Ayuso
Mimetic Finite Difference Methods forConvection-Dominated Problems Abstract PDF
Andrea Cangiani, Franco Brezzi, Marco Manzini
Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Second-Order Elliptic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients Abstract PDF
Daniele Di Pietro, Alexandre Ern, Jean-Luc Guermond
DG Method for Stokes Problem with Variable Viscosity Abstract PDF
Stefania Lo Forte
Linear Algebra and Circuits Abstract PDF
Vito Carfí, Gaetana Restuccia
Matrices Arising from Semigroup Rings Abstract PDF
Giuseppina D'Aguí, Gioia Failla
Algebra and Statistic Abstract PDF
Vincenzo Iorfida, Gaetana Restuccia
Graphs of Linear Type Abstract PDF
Giovanni Molica Bisci, Maurizio Imbesi
Informations about Planar Graphs via Groebner Bases Abstract PDF
Mariafortuna Paratore
Monomial Orders and Applications to the Vaste World of Mathematics Abstract PDF
Gaetana Restuccia
Simplicial Complexes: Mathematical Innovative Instruments for Applications Abstract PDF
Loredana Sorrenti, Vittoria Bonanzinga
Inverse Modeling in Geophysical Applications Abstract PDF
Daniele Carbone, Gilda Currenti, Ciro Del Negro, Gaetana Ganci, Rosalba Napoli
Mapping of Lavaflows for Hazard Assessment Abstract PDF
Alessia Ciraudo, Ciro Del Negro, Annamaria Vicari, Alexis Herault
Modeling of Potential Fields by using Finite Element Method: The Etna Case Study Abstract PDF
Gaetana Ganci, Gilda Currenti, Ciro Del Negro, Luigi Fortuna
Analysis of Ground Deformations Time-Series Measured at Stromboli (THEODOROS System) from 2003 to 2005 Abstract PDF
G. Nunnari, G. Puglisi, A. Spata
On Multilane Traffic Flows Abstract PDF
Andrea Corli, Rinaldo M. Colombo
Thermodynamics for Fluid Flow in Porous Structures Abstract PDF
Maria Elena Malaspina, Liliana Restuccia
Thermodynamics of Extrinsic Semiconductors with Dislocations Abstract PDF
Maria Paola Mazzeo, Liliana Restuccia
Terminology and Classification of Special Versions of Non-Equilibrium Continuum Thermodynamics Abstract PDF
Wolfgang Muschik, Liliana Restuccia
A semi-Lagrangian Discontinuous Galerkin method for efficient atmospheric chemistry modelling. Abstract PDF
Luca Bonaventura, Marco Restelli, Riccardo Sacco
A Parallel semi-Lagrangian Approximation of the Effective Hamiltonian Abstract PDF
Maurizio Falcone, Marco Rorro
Mathematical Models of Open and Closed Biochemical Reactions in Living Cells Abstract PDF
Alberto Maria Bersani, Morten Gram Pedersen, Enrico Bersani
Composition Operators on Spaces of Holomorphic Functions Abstract PDF
Chiara De Fabritiis
Dynamics of Materials with a Deformability Threshold Abstract PDF
Angiolo Farina, Antonio Fasano, Lorenzo Fusi, K. R. Rajagopal
Modelling of Electronic Devices using Radial Basis Functions for EMC Evaluation Abstract PDF
Guido Ala, Antonino Spagnuolo, Fabio Viola, Elena Toscano, Gianpaolo Vitale
An Inverse Problem for Two-Frequency Photon Transport in a Slab Abstract PDF
Luigi Barletti, Federica Dragoni
Performance Prediction of Olympic Rowing Boats Accounting for Full Dynamics Abstract PDF
Andrea Mola, Luca Del Grosso, Luca Formaggia, Edie Miglio
Modeling Horizontal Coastal Flow Mixing: Assessing the Role of Viscous Contributions Abstract PDF
Giovanna Grosso, Alessandra Piattella, Maurizio Brocchini
An Optimal Control Approach for 1D-2D Shallow Water Equations Coupling Abstract PDF
Valery Agoshkov, Fausto Saleri, Edie Miglio
A Marching in Space and Time Approach for the Solution of Shallow Water Equations Abstract PDF
Tullio Tucciarelli, Costanza Aricó
A Stochastic Optimization Model for Gas Sale Company Abstract PDF
Marida Bertocchi, Francesca Maggioni, Elisabetta Allevi, Mario Innorta, Maria Teresa Vespucci
Evaluation of Insurance Products with Guarantee in Incomplete Markets Abstract PDF
Andrea Consiglio, Domenico De Giovanni
On the Solution of Indefinite Systems Arising in Nonlinear Optimization Abstract PDF
Silvia Bonettini, Federica Tinti, Valeria Ruggiero
On the Use of Constraint Preconditioners in Potential Reduction Methods Abstract PDF
Sonia Cafieri, Marco D'Apuzzo, Valentina De Simone, Daniela Di Serafino, Gerardo Toraldo
Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems Abstract PDF
Francisco Facchinei, Veronica Piccialli, Andreas Fischer
An Approximate Inverse Preconditioner in Truncated Newton Methods for Large Scale Optimization Abstract PDF
Giovanni Fasano, Massimo Roma
One-dimensional Global Optimization Problems with Multiextremal Constraints Abstract PDF
Falah M.H. Khalaf, Dmitri E. Kvasov, Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
Variational Models for Traffic Equilibrium Problems Abstract PDF
Barbara Panicucci, Massimo Pappalardo, Mauro Passacantando
A Preconditioner for Solving Large Scale Variational Inequality Problems Abstract PDF
Federica Tinti, Valeria Ruggiero
Mixed Algebraic methods and Local Tensor Product Abstract PDF
Costanza Conti, Rossana Morandi, Rosa Maria Spitaleri
Image-based Mesh Generation in the Field of Cardiology Abstract PDF
Bernhard Quatember, Martin Mayr, Hannes Muehlthaler
A Spline Collocation Method and a Special Grid of Shishkin Type for a Singularly Perturbed Problem Abstract PDF
Katarina Surla, Zorica Uzelac, Ljiljana Teofanov
Open Access to Scholarly Literature: what your Elders haven't told you Abstract PDF
Benedetta Alosi
Open Access Tools and Technology Abstract PDF
Nunzio Femminò, Dario Orselli
Training and Collaborative Activities in EUA4X Abstract PDF
Rosa Maria Spitaleri
Fluid-Structure Interaction via an Adaptive Finite Element Immersed Boundary Method Abstract PDF
Daniele Boffi, Luca Heltai, Lucia Gastaldi, Charles S. Peskin
Recovery Based Error Estimation for Plate Problems Abstract PDF
Giovanni Castellazzi, Stefano De Miranda, Francesco Ubertini
Digital Restoration for Antique Documents Abstract PDF
Sebastiano Battiato, Filippo Stanco
Image Analysis and Automatic Composition of Ceramic Mosaics Abstract PDF
Claudia Landi, Andrea Prati, Cristian Secchi
A New Methodology for Line Scratch Restoration Abstract PDF
Giuliano Laccetti, Lucia Maddalena, Alfredo Petrosino
Phase and Anti-Phase Boundaries in Binary Discrete Systems Abstract PDF
Roberto Alicandro
Dimension reduction for discrete systems Abstract PDF
Marco Cicalese
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Optimality of Nonconvex, Noncoercive Autonomous Variational Problems with Constraints Abstract PDF
Cristina Marcelli
On Nonautomous Biforcation Abstract PDF
Russel Johnson
Particle Trajectories in Linear Water Waves Abstract PDF
Adrian Constantin, Gabriele Villari
A Robust Scheme for Free Surface and Pressurized Flows in Channels with Arbitrary Cross-Sections Abstract PDF
Elisa Aldrighetti, Guus Stelling
Fractal Riemann Surfaces and their Applications Abstract PDF
Walter Arrighetti
Topological Calculus: between Algebraic Topology and Electromagnetic fields Abstract PDF
Walter Arrighetti, Giorgio Gerosa
Modelling Changes of Hydraulic Properties Induced by Biomass Growth in Unsaturated Porous Media Abstract PDF
Iacopo Borsi, Antonio Fasano, Angiolo Farina, Mario Primicerio
Plane-wave Expansion of the Electromagnetic Green-Function for Translating Sources Inside a Rectangular Wave-guide with Dissipative Walls Abstract PDF
Peter De Cupis, Giorgio Gerosa
Electromagnetic Diffraction by a Translating Multiple-Wedge Geometry Abstract PDF
Peter De Cupis, Giorgio Gerosa
Implicit Pseudo-Spectral Methods for Dispersive and Wave Propagation Problems Abstract PDF
Riccardo Fazio, Alessandra Jannelli
On the Numerical Controllability of the Ginzburg-Landau Equation Abstract PDF
Rocío Garzón, Vanda Valente
A Numerical 3D Model of Rail Wheelset Dynamics Abstract PDF
M. Malvezzi, S. Papini, L. Pugi, A. Rindi, E. Meli, M. Francini
A Rapidly Relocatable Coastal Ocean Prediction System Abstract PDF
Germana Peggion, Charlie N. Barron, Clark Rowley
Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Scheme Abstract PDF
Francesca Tosi, Stefano Ubertini, Sauro Succi
Innovation & Mathematics Abstract PDF
Anna Salvadori
Rectangular Dualization of Biconnected Plane Graphs and Related Applications Abstract PDF
Massimo Ancona, Sara Drago, Gianluca Quercini
Note on Dispersive Effects in Quantum Kinetic Equations Abstract PDF
Anton Arnold, Elidon Dhamo, Chiara Manzini
Regularity Results for Time-Dependent Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities and Application to Calculation of Dynamic Traffic Network Abstract PDF
Annamaria Barbagallo
Numerical Coupling of Electric Circuit Equations with the Transient Energy-Transport Equations for Semiconductors Abstract PDF
Markus Brunk, Ansgar Juengel
An S-linear State Preference Model Abstract PDF
David Carfí
Refining Characterization of Powder for Rotomolding Industries: A Study Case Abstract PDF
Egidio Cascini
Finite Volume Methods for Nonconservative Hyperbolic Systems: Application to Shallow-Flows Abstract PDF
M.J. Castro, J.M Gallardo-Molina, J.A. López-García, A. Pardo, C. Parés
Phenomenological and State Coefficients for Poly-Isobutylene in Kluitenberg-Ciancio Theory Abstract PDF
Vincenzo Ciancio, Armando Ciancio, Francesco Farsaci
Boundary Layer Energies in Discrete Systems: an Approach via Γ-convergence Abstract PDF
Marco Cicalese
SPH Method Applied to Naval-Hydrodynamic Problems Abstract PDF
Andrea Colagrossi, Giuseppina Colicchio
A Fast Marching Method for Pursuit-Evasion Games Abstract PDF
Emiliano Cristiani, Maurizio Falcone
Gröbner Bases in Economy Abstract PDF
Marilena Crupi
ESOPO: an Environment for Solving Optimization Problems Online Abstract PDF
Marco D'Apuzzo, Maria Luisa De Cesare, Maria Rosaria Maddalena, Marina Marino
A Mathematical Model for the Dynamic of Cytotoxic T Cells Abstract PDF
Marina Dolfin
Segre Varieties and Models in Manufacturing Abstract PDF
Gioia Failla
Deck Construction Strategies for Magic: The Gathering Abstract PDF
Riccardo Fazio, Salvatore Iacono
Vector Dynamic Optmization Problems: Preliminary Results and Applications Abstract PDF
Massimiliano Ferrara, Matteo Fini, Davide La Torre, Luigi Orsi
Corrected Quantum Drift-Diffusion Equation via Compressed Chapman-Enskog Expansion Abstract PDF
Giovanni Frosali, Chiara Manzini
Endoreversible Thermodynamics Abstract PDF
Karl Heinz Hoffmann
The Potentialities of the GRID: Some User Applications Abstract PDF
Giuseppe Iellamo, Antonio Puliafito, Marco Scarpa
Thermogalvanomagnetic Effects in the Vortex Field of Type-II Superconductor Abstract PDF
Bogdan T. Maruszewski
A Thermodynamical Model of Inhomogeneous Superfluid Turbulence Abstract PDF
Maria Stella Mongiovì, David Jou
Order and Bound: a New Method to Solve 0-1 Integer Programs Abstract PDF
Gabriella Muratore
Thermodynamics of Mixtures with Internal Variables Abstract PDF
Annunziata Palumbo, Patrizia Rogolino, Mauro Francaviglia
ENO/WENO Interpolation Methods for the ZOOMING of Digital Images Abstract PDF
Carmelo Santaera, R. M. Pidatella, F. Stanco
Disegno Tecnico e Trasformazioni Geometriche: Assonometrie e Affinitá Abstract PDF
Benedetto Scimmi

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