Vol 3 (2009)

Table of Contents

Enrico De Bernardis, Giorgio Fotia, Luigia Puccio 344.1-344.2


Existence of Three Solutions for a Neumann Boundary Value Problem Abstract PDF
Giuseppina D'Aguì 193.1-193.8
On Volterra's sixth elementary distortion analyzed by Saint Venant's theory Abstract PDF
Ivana Bochicchio, Ettore Laserra, Massimo Pecoraro 196.1-196.12
Asymptotic Behavior of Ginzburg-Landau Equations of Superfluidity Abstract PDF
Alessia Berti, Valeria Berti, Ivana Bochicchio 200.1-200.12
Buffon's Problem with a Star of Needles and a Lattice of Rectangles II Abstract PDF
Uwe Baesel, Vittoria Bonanzinga, Lucia Fiorino 203.1-203.7
Automatic Recognition of Color Pigments from Raman Spectrum Analysis Abstract PDF
Giovanni Maria Farinella, Giovanni Gallo, Anna Maria Gueli, Filippo Stanco 211.1-211.10
Free-Flight Time Generation in Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for Carrier Transport in Semiconductors Abstract PDF
Vincenza Di Stefano 223.1-223.12
A Numerical Code for the Simulation of Magma-Rocks Dynamics Abstract PDF
Antonella Longo, Michele Barsanti, Paolo Papale, Melissa Vassalli, Chiara P. Montagna, Luca Bisconti, Gilberto Saccorotti 237.1-237.12
High-Accuracy Machine-Efficient Chebyshev Approximation: An Application to Spectral methods for Sobolev spaces Abstract PDF
Mohammed Abdulla Abutheraa, David Lester 225.1-225.12
On the Modelling of the Time Dependent Walras Equilibrium Problem Abstract PDF
Fabio Raciti, Antonio Causa 229.1-229.12
Numerical Results for the Codiffusion of Isotopes Abstract PDF
Elena Comparini, Alberto Mancini, Claudio Pescatore, Maura Ughi 231.1-231.12
Steady States Analysis and Exponential Stability of an Extensible Thermoelastic System Abstract PDF
Ivana Bochicchio, Claudio Giorgi, Elena Vuk 232.1-232.12
Wavelet and Multichannel Wavelet Based Watermarking Algorithms for Digital Color Images Abstract PDF
Santa Agreste, Alberto Vocaturo 242.1-242.11
An Hr-Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Advection-Diffusion Problems Abstract PDF
Paola Francesca Antonietti, Paul Houston 244.1-244.12
Second Gradient Model of Consolidation: a One-Dimensional Variational Approach Abstract PDF
Angela Madeo 245.1-245.12
Segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images by PDE Approach Abstract PDF
Rossella Cossu, Maria Mercede Cerimele, Luigi Cinque, Andrea Di Pasquale, Roberta Galiffa 249.1-249.12
A Defense Strategy by Edge Ideals Abstract PDF
Marilena Crupi, Giancarlo Rinaldo 250.1-250.8
Algorithms for Large Sparse Matrices Abstract PDF
Angela Ricciardello, Luigia Puccio 255.1-255.11
Thermodynamics of Superfluid Vortex Tangles Abstract PDF
David Jou, Maria Stella Mongiovì 256.1-256.12
Bayesian Tracking of Neural Activity in Biomagnetic Data Abstract PDF
Cristina Campi, Annalisa Pascarella, Alberto Sorrentino, Michele Piana 258.1-258.9
An Adaptive Local Procedure to Approximate Unevenly Distributed Data Abstract PDF
Mira Bozzini, Licia Lenarduzzi 260.1-260.12
Optimal Inverse Simulation of Helicopter Maneuvers Abstract PDF
Giorgio Guglieri, Valeria Mariano 261.1-261.12
Some Sesults on the Reconstruction of a Convolution Kernel in an Integrodifferential Beam Equation Abstract PDF
Davide Guidetti, Fabrizio Colombo 264.1-264.10
Optimal Trajectories of Anti-Satellite Missiles Abstract PDF
Mauro Pontani, Bruce A. Conway 265.1-265.12
Kernel- and CPU-Level Architectures for Computing and A\V Post-Production Environments Abstract PDF
Walter Arrighetti 267.1-267.12
Computer Vision and Fractals: a Possible Aid for the Dermatologist in Recognizing Skin Tumors? Abstract PDF
Fabrizio Guarneri 268.1-268.10
An Analytic Tool for Performance Evaluation of Air-Dropped Launchers Abstract PDF
Luigi Ridolfi 270.1-270.12
Collision Avoidance Problem for an Ekranoplan Abstract PDF
Caterina Grillo, Marco Ciarcia, Antonino Pizzolo, Cinzia Gatto, Francesco Vitrano 271.1-271.12
A Tool for Multi-Platform Remote Sensing Processing Abstract PDF
Gaetana Ganci, Ciro Del Negro, Luigi Fortuna, Annamaria Vicari 281.1-281.12
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Morphological Classification by Euclidean Distance Histograms for Prognostic Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis Abstract PDF
Alessandro Celona, Pietro Lanzafame, Lilla Bonanno, Silvia Marino, Barbara Spanò, Giorgio Grasso, Luigia Puccio, Placido Bramanti 283.1-283.9
Vortex Line Density in Plane Couette Flow in Superfluid Helium Abstract PDF
Michele Sciacca, Maria Stella Mongiovi', David Jou 290.1-290.12
Planar Small Oscillations of a Container Acted by an Elastic Force Partially Filled by a Heavy Viscous Liquid Abstract PDF
Doretta Vivona, Pierre Capodanno 296.1-296.9
A New Tool for Rectangular Dualization Abstract PDF
Massimo Ancona, Gianluca Quercini, Paolo Pastorelli 301.1-301.12
Positivity Issues in Adaptive Solutions of Detailed Chemical Schemes for Engine Simulations Abstract PDF
Laura Antonelli, Maya Briani, Pasqua D’Ambra, Valentina Fraioli 303.1-303.12
Optimal Trajectories for Spacecrafts with M2P2 Abstract PDF
Andrea Bolle, Christian Circi 304.1-304.12
Integral Closure of Monomial Ideals Abstract PDF
Paola Lea Staglianò 305.1-305.10
Decision-Form Games Abstract PDF
David Carfì 307.1-307.12
On the Heat Equation for n-Type Semiconductors Abstract PDF
Maria Mazzeo, Liliana Restuccia 308.1-308.12
Fractal Riemann Surfaces: Chaotic Scenarios and Applications Abstract PDF
Walter Arrighetti 313.1-313.12
Staircase Polytopes and Visualization of Targets Abstract PDF
Adelina Fabiano, Gaetana Restuccia 317.1-317.11
Liquid Penetrant Testing: Industrial Process Abstract PDF
Riccardo Fazio, Gennaro Caturano, Giovanni Cavaccini, Antonio Ciliberto, Vittoria Pianese 319.1-319.12
EKF Application on Estimating Missile Guidance Signals Abstract PDF
Martina Liberato, Emidio Pizzingrilli, Sauro Longhi 323.1-323.9
A New Class of Non-Separable Symmetric Wavelets for Image Processing Abstract PDF
Guido Andaloro, Mariantonia Cotronei, Luigia Puccio 324.1-324.12
A Geometrical Model for a Fluid Flow in Porous Structures Abstract PDF
Maria Elena Malaspina, Liliana Restuccia 328.1-328.12
A Numerical Model of an Experiment of Iron Corrosion Abstract PDF
Daniela Mansutti 331.1-331.11
An Integrated Approach for the Segmentation of Color Images Abstract PDF
Rossella Cossu, Maria Mercede Cerimele 332.1-332.11

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