Vol 2 (2007)

Table of Contents


Evolutionary Algorithms for Doping Profile Optimization in Semiconductor Design Abstract PDF
V. Di Stefano, C. R. Drago, C.L.R. Milazzo
A New Approach to Constrained Optimization Abstract PDF
Gabriella Muratore
Multiobjective Optimization of Circuit Performances through Solution Ranking and Evolutionary Strategies Abstract PDF
Eva Sciacca, Salvatore Spinella, Salvatore Drago
A New RBF Neural Approach for Spot Classification in DNA-Microarray Images Abstract PDF
S. Coco, G. Capizzi, A. Laudani, S. Pellegrino, E. Alessi
Research Questions in State Transition Models of Biomolecular Dynamics Abstract PDF
Giuditta Franco, Vincenzo Manca, Giuseppe Scollo
On Software Development for Financial Evaluation of Participating Life Insurance Policies Abstract PDF
S. Corsaro, P. De Angelis, Z. Marino, F. Perla
Banks Optimal Rating Systems and Procyclicality Abstract PDF
Costanza Torricelli, Chiara Pederzoli
Flight Simulation Environment of the University of Naples and Recent Developments in Control Loading Reproduction Abstract PDF
Domenico P. Coiro, Agostino De Marco, Fabrizio Nicolosi
Numerical Integration Schemes for Hypersingular Integrals on the Real Line Abstract PDF
Alessandra Aimi, Mauro Diligenti
Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with Minimal Stabilization Abstract PDF
Daniele Marazzina
Gotzmann Ideals and Applications to Graphs II Abstract PDF
Vittoria Bonanzinga, L. Sorrenti
Generators of Generalized Graph Ideals Abstract PDF
Maurizio Imbesi
Combinatoric and Algebraic Aspects of a Class of Planar Graphs Abstract PDF
Monica La Barbiera
An All Cycle Algorithm by Computational Algebra Abstract PDF
Giancarlo Rinaldo
Advances in Modelling Methods for Lava Flows Simulation Abstract PDF
A. Ciraudo, Ciro Del Negro, Alexis Herault, Annamaria Vicari
The Application of a Denoising Method Aimed at Reducing Continuous Gravity Data Abstract PDF
Filippo Greco, Gennaro Budetta, Daniele Carbone, Stefano Panepinto, D. Luzio
Mixed Dirichlet-Robin Problems in Irregular Domains Abstract PDF
Raffaela Capitanelli
DWT-based Method for Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition Abstract PDF
A. Abate, G. Ala, R. Candela, P. Romano
Hybrid Molecular Dynamics-Monte Carlo Method for Heat and Flow Analysis in Micro/Nano-Channels Abstract PDF
S.V. Nedea, A.J. Markvoort, A.J.H. Frijns, A.A. van Steenhoven, P.A.J. Hilbers
Introduction to Level Set Methods Abstract PDF
Giovanni Russo
On the Uniform Accuracy of IMEX Runge-Kutta Schemes and Applications to Hyperbolic Systems with Relaxation Abstract PDF
Sebastiano Boscarino, Giovanni Russo
A Numerical Model for Sandpile Growth on Open Tables with Walls Abstract PDF
Stefano Finzi Vita
Sensitivity Analysis of the Formulas for Predicting Hiding Processes in Simulating Bed Aggradation Abstract PDF
Alberto Campisano, Enrico Creaco, Carlo Modica, Salvatore Reitano
Adaptive Imaging Techniques for Pavement Surface Distress Analysis Abstract PDF
Sebastiano Battiato, Filippo Stanco, Salvatore Cafiso, Alessandro Di Graziano
Multiscale Page Segmentation using Wavelet Packet Analysis Abstract PDF
Przemysław Górecki, Laura Caponetti, Ciro Castiello
Quantitative Analysis of Cheese Microstructure using SEM Imagery Abstract PDF
Gaetano Impoco, Sergio Carrato, Margherita Caccamo, Laura Tuminello, Giuseppe Licitra
Retinal Fundus Hybrid Analysis based on Soft Computing Algorithms Abstract PDF
Giuseppe Mastronardi, Vitantonio Bevilacqua, Lucia Cariello, Simona Cambó, Domenico Daleno
A New Tool for Bipolar Transistor Characterization based on HICUM Abstract PDF
E. Castro, S. Coco, A. Laudani, L. Lo Nigro, G. Pollicino
A New Delaunay Procedure for Matching 2D-PAGE Images Abstract PDF
S. Coco, G. Capizzi, A. Laudani, R. Messina, E. Alessi
Stochastical Langevin-Lorentz-Poisson modelling of Ion Flow through membrane ionic channels Abstract PDF
S. Coco, D. S. M. Gazzo, A. Laudani, G. Pollicino, M. E. Oliveri
A FE Simulator for Electromagnetic Analysis of Slow-Wave Helicoidal Structures in Traveling Wave Tubes Abstract PDF
S. Coco, A. Laudani, G. Pollicino, R. Dionisio, R. Martorana
Generalization of the Alternative Vinen's Equation Describing the Superfluid Turbulence in Rotating Container Abstract PDF
David Jou, Maria Stella Mongiovì, Michele Sciacca
Model Reduction for Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Equations Abstract PDF
Thomas Voss
Numerical Methods for SAR Evaluation in Biological Bodies Abstract PDF
Pietro L. Buccheri, Antonino Spagnuolo
Ambiguity and Depth Resolution in Potential Field Inversion Abstract PDF
Maurizio Fedi, Per Christian Hansen, Valeria Paoletti
Dyson Formulas for Financial and Physical Evolutions in S'n Abstract PDF
David Carfì
Rheological Coefficients for Media with Mechanical Relaxation Phenomena Abstract PDF
A. Ciancio, V. Ciancio, F. Farsaci
Linear Orders and Specific Gröbner Bases Abstract PDF
G. D'Aguì, G. Failla
Computational Procedure for a Time-dependent Walrasian Price Equilibrium Problem Abstract PDF
M. B. Donato, M. Milasi
Binomial Ideals and Applications Abstract PDF
Gioia Failla
Some Applications of the Set of Curves on Fibred Surfaces to Coding Theory Abstract PDF
G. Failla, M. Lahyane, G. Molica Bisci
A Gas Retail Stochastic Optimization Model by Mean Reverting Temperature Scenarios Abstract PDF
F. Maggioni, M.T. Vespucci, E. Allevi, M.I. Bertocchi, M. Innorta
High Order Relaxed Schemes for Nonlinear Reaction Diffusion Problems Abstract PDF
F. Cavalli, M. Semplice
On Source Terms in Multilane Traffic Models Abstract PDF
R.M. Colombo, A. Corli
Some Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for the Solution of Equality Constrained Quadratic Programming Problems Abstract PDF
Silvia Bonettini
On a Mathematical Model of Twisted Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Abstract PDF
A. Di Carlo, L. Teresi, P. Podio Guidugli
Hybridization of Galerkin and Petrov–Galerkin Mixed Finite Element Methods for 2nd Order Elliptic Problems Abstract PDF
P. Causin, R. Sacco
Energy Transport in Harmonic Lattices Abstract PDF
L. Harris, F. Theil, J. Lukkarinen, S. Teufel
Approximate Solutions to the Quantum Drift-Diffusion Model of Semiconductors in the Presence of External Barrier Potential Abstract PDF
V. Romano, R. Tracinà
Dynamic Spatial Price Equilibrium Problem: Regularity Results and Computational Procedure Abstract PDF
A. Barbagallo
Quantifying Dissipation Abstract PDF
Karl Heinz Hoffmann
Hole Mobilities in the Silicon Semiconductor: the Case of Warped Band Abstract PDF
Salvatore La Rosa, Vittorio Romano
Einstein Relation on Fractal Objects Abstract PDF
U. R. Freiberg
Simulation of the Dynamics of an Olympic Rowing Boat Abstract PDF
Andrea Mola, Luca Formaggia, Edie Miglio
Shock Propagation in a Flow through Deformable Porous Media Abstract PDF
E. Comparini, M. Ughi

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