Genoese maritime trade with the Levant and Russia in the 19th century

Angela La Macchia


The trade in foreign grain from the areas of the Black Sea, an important branch of Genoese maritime commerce, experienced a recovery due to the Treaty with Turkey in 1823. Up until the early 1820s the transport of grains bound for the port of Genova was guaranteed by the Austrian fleet. Later the Sardinian mercantile fleet, also benefitting from the flag discrimination, was able to gain a predominant enposition in the ports of Turkey and the Black Sea. But more importantly, an important trade in cereals with Ligurian sailing ships was organized by the Genoese shipowners and merchants who had transferred their business to that area. Shipments that often reached the English ports directly, as well as being directed to the Genoese port, where cereals were marketed in the western Mediterranean. A maritime traffic that turns out to be a source of huge profits for the Genoese.

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