Mathematical Modelling in Applied Sciences

Nicola Bellomo, Elena De Angelis, Marcello Delitala


These Lectures Notes are devoted to the study of modelling issues with the specific aim to show how the modelling of real world phenomena generates mathematical problems which have to be solved by appropriate mathematical methods.

The contents are developed through four chapters. The first one proposes an introduction to the science of mathematical modelling and focuses on the three representation scales of physical reality: microscopic, macroscopic and statistical over the microscopic states. Then, the three chapters which follow deal with the derivation and applications of models related to each of the mentioned earlier scales. In each Chapter it is shown how the above different structures generate a variety of analytic and computational problems.

These Lectures Notes aim at providing an introduction to the above issues and are mainly devoted to Students of Applied Mathematics courses at the level of Master Graduation. The Authors intend to update periodically the contents.

[DOI: 10.1685/SELN08001] About DOI

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