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Isomerizzazione non catalizzata del $cis-[Pt(P(C_2H_5)_3)_2)(o-tolile)Cl]$ in solventi protici

Faraone, G. and Ricevuto, V. and Romeo, R. and Trozzi, M. (1970) Isomerizzazione non catalizzata del $cis-[Pt(P(C_2H_5)_3)_2)(o-tolile)Cl]$ in solventi protici. Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti - Classe di Scienze FF.MM.NN., L (1). pp. 35-49.

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The rates of the spontaneous conversion of the $cis-[Pt(P(C_2H_5)_3)_2)(o-tolyl)Cl]$ into the $trans$ form in methanol and ethanol at different temperatures have been examined. The $cis-trans$ isomerization takes place with positive entropy of activation changes and the composite first-order-rate constant verifies the following expression:

$k_is$ = \frac {k_1 K_2} {k_2 + K_-1 [Cl^-]}

An asynchronous mechanism is suggested in which the rate determining step of the reaction is the breaking of the bond between the metal and the chloride ion. The reaction profile contains two minumum points, corresponding to the presence of two labile intermediates having a « like cis » and a « like trans » structure.
This is the first kinetic study of an uncatalyzed isomerization on platinum (II) complexes.

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