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Nota IX. Sintesi di spirani 4,4-isossazolon-isossazolinici

Lo Vecchio, Giacomo (1972) Nota IX. Sintesi di spirani 4,4-isossazolon-isossazolinici. Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti Classe FF.MM.NN., 52. pp. 217-226.

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The cycloaddition of benzonitrile oxide to arylidenic double bond of 3-phenyl-4-aryliden-isoxazol-5-ones gives two isomeric types of isoxazolonisoxazolinic spiro compounds. The percent yield of the less abundant 4,4’isoxazolon-isoxazolinic isomeric spiro compound, is highly increased by the presence of substìtuents in para position to arylidenic group, as $ -CH_3$ and $ -O-CO-CH_3$. The $ -OCH_3$, group does not produce remarkable effects with respect to not substituted arylidenic compound. With $-NO_2$ group two cis and trans conformeric spiro compounds having the same 4,4’spiro-isoxa- zolonic-isoxazolinic skeleton are obtained.

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