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Influenza di cationi sulla estrazione di specie tetraedriche $Co^(^I^I)-NCS^-$

Corigliano, F. and Di Pasquale, S. and Ciraolo, L. (1974) Influenza di cationi sulla estrazione di specie tetraedriche $Co^(^I^I)-NCS^-$. Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti Classe FF.MM.NN., 54. pp. 5-13.

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The extraction of anionic tetrahedral $Co(^I^I)$-thiocyanate species in methylisobutylketone (hexone) has been spectrophotometrically studied as a function of some cationic species at different concentrations. The formation of tetrahedral $A+Co(NCS)_3S-$ species $(A+=cation, S= solvent)$ in the hexone phase results to be largely influenced of the nature and concentration of cations in the aqueous phase, when $[Co^2+]= 005 M$ and $[NCS^-] = 0.1 M .$ At equal cation concentrations extraction decreases with the following sequence: organic cations $» H^8$ $» NH_4^+$ $> K^+$ $>Li^+$> $Na^+$. $(A^+ )_2Co(NCS)_4^2^-$ is extracted at higher thiocyanate aqueous concentra tion. In this case the nature of the cations is less important because the partition coefficient of $Co(NCS)_4^2^-$ is much higher.

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