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Complessi carbonil-isonitrilici di renio (I)

Faraone, F. and Cusumano, F. and Pietropaolo, R. (1974) Complessi carbonil-isonitrilici di renio (I). Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti Classe FF.MM.NN., 54. pp. 125-131.

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$Re(CO)_5Cl$ and $[Re(CO)_4Cl]_2$ react with isocyanides, CNR, $(R = C_6H_1_1, p-CH_3OC_6H_4, p-CH_3C_6H_4)$, when refluxed in $CCl_4$ giving $Re(CO)_3(CNR)_2Cl$ complexes. $^1H$ n.m.r, and I.R., spectra suggest for the prepared compunds a $C_s$ structure, having two isocyanide ligands in a $cis$ position, and in $cis$ with respect to the halogen ligand. Methatetical reactions of $Re(CO)_3$ $(CNR)_2Cl$ with $Br^-$ or $I^-$ give the correspondent bromo and iodo derivatives. All attempts to obtain $Re(CO)_4(CNR)Cl$ or $Re(CO)_2(CNR)_3Cl$ complexes were unsuccessful.

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