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Coherence and correlation in semiconductor microcavities

Di Stefano, Omar and Savasta, Salvatore and Girlanda, Raffaello (2004) Coherence and correlation in semiconductor microcavities. Laser Physics Letters, 1 (12). pp. 586-591.


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We present an overview of our results concerning the influence of two-pair continuum coherences on the transient nonlinear optical response of semiconductor microcavities. We show that the interplay between these 4-particle coherences and the nonperturbative light-matter interaction produces highly desirable almost decoherence-free exciton-exciton collisions on the lower polariton branch. This effect gives rise to the very different nonlinear absorption rates on the two polariton branches observed in many experiments and make possible to reach a very high degree of amplification in samples with large Rabi splitting. Moreover, we show that the availability of almost decoherence free exciton-exciton collisions can be used for the realization of coherent trapping of polariton emission and amplification. This coherent manipulation and trapping of many-particle polariton states can be performed employing both ultrafast and continuous wave operation.

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Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: excitons; polaritons; nonlinear optics; semiconductor microcavities
Subjects: M.U.S. - Contributi Scientifici > 02 - Scienze fisiche
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Date Deposited: 30 May 2005
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