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On the Geometry of Non-Hamiltonian Phase Space

Sergi, Alessandro (2005) On the Geometry of Non-Hamiltonian Phase Space. Journal of Chemical Physics. (Submitted)

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    In this paper the statistical mechanics of canonical,
    non-canonical and non-Hamiltonian systems is analyzed rigorously
    by throwing light onto the peculiar geometric structure of phase
    space. Misleading points, regarding generalized brackets and
    Jacobi relations, are clarified. The accessory role of phase space
    compressibility in the statistical mechanics of non-canonical and
    non-Hamiltonian systems is also unveiled. A rigorous definition of
    the (relative) entropy for continuous probability distributions is
    adopted and used in order to introduce maximum entropy principles
    for non-canonical and non-Hamiltonian systems. Although the
    attention is concentrated on the geometry of phase space under
    equilibrium thermodynamic conditions, the results and the points of view
    presented lay the foundations for a maximum entropy approach to
    non-Hamiltonian dissipative systems.

    Item Type: Other
    Subjects: M.U.S. - Contributi Scientifici > 01 - Scienze matematiche e informatiche
    M.U.S. - Contributi Scientifici > 02 - Scienze fisiche
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    Depositing User: Dr Alessandro Sergi
    Date Deposited: 23 Nov 2005
    Last Modified: 13 Apr 2010 13:19

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