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Identificazione di prodotti ittici mediante dna barcoding
Fish identification by dna barcoding

Puglisi, M. L. and Reale, S. and Giunta, R. and Salamanca, A. and Vitale, F. and Cosenza, M. and Alfonzetti, T. (2013) Identificazione di prodotti ittici mediante dna barcoding
Fish identification by dna barcoding.
In: ATTI X CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SO.F.I.VET., 8 – 9 luglio 2013, Taormina (Messina). (Submitted)

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    ABSTRACT – The authors developed and evaluated DNA barcodes for use in differentiating domestic and
    imported fish species (1). First, we sequenced part of the cytochrome oxidase I (COI) gene in accordance
    with standard DNA barcoding protocols. These alignments allowed the development and analyses of
    consensus barcode sequences for each species and comparison with limited sequences in public databases
    (GenBank and Barcode of Life Data Systems). In this study, we report test regarding Mediterranean fish
    identifications. Experimental validation parameters were obtained on certain specie-specific DNA and
    sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, concordance tests role out value as 100%, 100%, 99%, 99.8%
    respectively. The advantage of using “CO1”gene is that it is short enough to be sequenced quickly and
    cheaply yet long enough to identify variations among species, and enabling identifications where traditional
    methods are not “applicable, such as for immature stages or body fragments (2). FISH-BOL will also provide
    a powerful tool for enhanced understanding of the natural history and ecological interactions of fish species.

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