A multidisciplinary approach based on the cooperation of forensic geologists, botanists, and engineers: Computed Axial Tomography applied to a case work

Roberta Somma


The novel application of the Computed Axial Tomography technology to a forensic case work showed high potentialities in performing investigation on a pair of sandals belonging to a victim found in the countryside, at the scene of events. This technology allowed to crystallize the appearance, dimensions, and spatial orientation of eight thorns fixed in their soles, before their removal from the shoes for further geological and botanical analyses. Considered the shallowness of penetration, this investigation allowed to exclude the thorns, for being responsible for possible discomforts or injuries to the feet of the victim.


Computed Axial Tomography; Criminalistics; Forensic Geology; Forensic Botany; Forensic Engineering

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1478/AAPP.101S1A12

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