Forensic Geology applied to the search for homicide graves

Roberta Somma, Lerah Sutton, Jason H. Byrd


The percentage of discoveries due to traditional and non-traditional searches for homicide graves is still meager in Italy. A critical exam of the scientific approaches followed by Italian law enforcements, in recent cases of unsuccessful ground searches for homicide graves, should be seriously done for evidencing the possible errors done. In order to assist law enforcements in the ground searches, the present research reports on: i) the appearance of a clandestine grave with the related main characteristics; ii) the factors influencing the choice of the burial site; iii) the modern approaches usable during ground search activities as proposed by UK experts; iv) the main results of remote sensing investigations and the Red-Amber-Green search prioritization system carried out for the search for three different clandestine graves.


Forensic Geology; Homicide Graves; Corpse Concealment; Ground Search

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