A non-equilibrium thermodynamic approach to study the behaviour of magnetizable media

Liliana Restuccia


In this didactic paper we formulate a linear theory for magnetizable media in the framework of classical irreversible thermodynamics (CIT) and using its general methods we investigate the behaviour of these media and the possibility of cross effects among mgnetic phenomena, heat conduction, electric conduction and mechanical phenomena. In Galilean approximation all the processes occurring inside these materials are governed by two groups of laws: Maxwell equations and the balance equations. The entropy production is analyzed following the classical thermodynamic procedures and the constitutive equations in the linear anisotropic and isotropic case are derived. The obtained results have applications in several fields of applied sciences, like medicine, biology, physics, chemistry and others.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1478/AAPP.99S1A19

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