A case study of a multidisciplinary approach for facing new challenges for adsorption heat pump applications

Luigi Calabrese


In this paper, a new zeolite/silicone foam for AHP applications was evaluated as a case study of a multidisciplinary teaching approach for addressing a science education experience from the pedagogical point of view. The interdisciplinary approach promotes the improvement of scientific knowledge among different materials science disciplines allowing to develop a performing adsorbent foamed HEX. In such a context, a flipped classroom approach was identified as the most suitable method for the students to develop their individual and collaborative improvement of knowledge. Changing the classroom lesson from teaching to students learning can be an effective strategy for stimulating students’ interest and learning. This approach, based on a 5E teaching model, opens up to an active and dynamic discussion phase of problem solving which, although contextualized on a practical experience, can be effectively extended in wider contexts.


silicone foam, zeolite, adsorption heat pumps, 5E model

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1478/AAPP.99S1A26

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