Physical and historical principles of ionizing radiations with the flipped classroom method

Sonia Marrara, Agostino Semprebello, Sebastiano Vasi


From the late 1800s to the present day, ionizing radiations played a very important role in fields regarding everyday life and research. In this work, we cover several physical and historical aspects from the EM waves to the particles. In particular, after a brief introduction of electromagnetism and EM spectrum, we talk about some ionizing radiations focusing on their detection and their natural and artificial sources. Furthermore, we show the importance and use of these kind of radiations for medical applications and their biological effects. Finally, we propose the deepening of one of the topics covered through the innovative teaching method of the “flipped classroom” in which the student prepares the lesson as a homework, and then in the classroom develop collaborative and debate activities on the topic previously studied in autonomy.


Ionizing Radiation; Electromagnetism; EM waves; Sources; EM spectrum; X-Rays; Black-body radiation; Photoelectric Effect; Compton Effect; Radioactivity; Particles; Alpha particles; Beta particles; Gamma particles; Biological Effects; Radiation Therapy

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