Tutela del diritto di proprieta'delle immagini digitali: Implementazione di un algoritmo di Watermark mediante funzioni Wavelet

Santa Agreste, Nuccio Castorina, Salvatore Giovinazzo, Daniela Prestipino, Luigia Puccio


Protection of copyright of the digital images is a critical element for the multimedia Web applications, e-books, virtual picture gallery. This problem is today receiving growing attention due to the pervasive diffusion of Internet technology. This work shows the watermark as solution to this problem and describes a new wavelet-based algorithm, called WM1.0, which is invisible, private, strong. WM1.0 watermaks a subset of digital images building the ecclesiastic on-line art collection. The Owner of the images and related information is the Italian Episcopal Conference, whereas the Publisher is I.D.S., an ICT company located in Messina.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1478/C1A0401009

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