Caratteri chimici e mineralogici di una mineralizzazione ad antinomite affiorante nel territorio di Montagnareale (Sicilia, Italia)

Carmelo Sacca', Domenica Sacca', Preziosa Nucera


A mineralization to prevalent antimonite of the Roccasaracena Locality (Montagnareale - Messina) in the Mandanici Unit (Southern Sector of the Calabrian-Peloritan Arc) was studied. This Unit, characterized by a crystalline basement and of slices of Mesozoic sedimentary cover, has been affected by a Variscan L-P metamorphism (from greenschist facies chlorite zone, realized at P=2 Kbar and T=420C, to amphibolite facies almandine-oligoclase zone, at P=3 Kbar and T=550C) and by localized Alpine L-P and L-T greenschist facies retrogressive processes. The mineralization is in veins and seems to be connected to an horizon of quartz. Minerographic and spectroscopy FT-IR studies show an association made up nearly exclusively of antimonite and quartz with the sporadic presence of small areas of arsenopyrite, galena, pyrite and sphalerite. Chemical analyses (major and trace elements) has also been carried out. These latter analyses show high As, Cr, Fe and Zn contents. As regards noble metal, Ag has a value of about 128 ppm and Au shows concentrations of 7 ppb.

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