Application possibilities of plasmas generated by high power laser ablation

Lorenzo Torrisi


High-power pulsed lasers emitting IR and visible radiation with intensities ranging between 10^8 and 10^16 W/cm2, pulse duration from 0.4 to 9 ns and energy from 100 mJ up to 600 J, operating in single mode or in repetition rate, can be employed to produce non-equilibrium plasma in vacuum by irradiating solid targets. Such a laser-produced plasma generates highly charged and high-energy ions of various elements, as well as soft and hard X-ray radiations. Heavy ions with charge state up to 58+ and kinetic energy up to 10 MeV are detected. The plasma emits ion current densities of the order of tens of mA/cm^2. Interesting application possibilities of the generated plasmas concerning the ion implantation technique, the laser ion sources, the high intensity and resolution X-ray sources, the laser propulsion technique and the nuclear reaction of light elements are presented and discussed.

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