Nanoantennas for surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy: Effects of interaction and higher order resonant excitations

P. Albella, F. Neubrech, D. Weber, G. Han, T. Nagao, A. Pucci, J. Aizpurua


The sensitivity in surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy (SEIRS) strongly depends on where the resonant excitation is spectrally located compared to the molecular vibration that is to be enhanced. In this contribution, we study the effect of coupling in the electromagnetic properties of 2D gold nanorod arrays in the IR. We also study the SEIRS activity of higher order resonant excitations in long nanoantennas to identify polaritonic signals of a supporting SiO2 layer with nanometer thickness (3 nm) on a silicon substrate.


Optics; Nanophotonics; spectroscopy; nanoantennas;

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