Application of the Vectorial Complex Ray Model to the scattering of an ellipsoid particle

K. F. Ren, C. Roze, T. Girasole


We have developed a novel model – Vectorial Complex Ray Model (VCRM) – for the scattering of a smooth surface objet of arbitrary shape [Opt. Lett. 36(1)]. In this model, the wave is described by bundles of rays, and a ray is characterized not only by its direction and amplitude but also the curvature and the phase of the wave. These new properties allows to take into account the phase shift due to the focal lines of an arbitrary shaped wave and the amplitude due to the divergence of the wave. The interferences can therefore be calculated correctly for an arbitrarily shaped particle of smooth surface. In this communication, we present an application of the VCRM in the 2D scattering of a plane wave by a homogeneous ellipsoid at oblique incidence. The transversal convergence effect of the wave will be discussed.


Geometrical optics, ray tracing, ellipsoid particle

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