A new instrument in the doctor’s toolbox

Francesco Trimarchi


The doctor’s toolbox must contain a new instrument to be used in clinical examination. Thyroid cancer in progression and uncontrolled or partially controlled acromegaly are discussed as typical examples of disorders requiring a peculiar follow up approach. The relationship between the doctor and the patient, in fact, may became problematic, due to the necessity of sharing decisions and continually facing emerging health and compliance problems. Narrative medicine is the instrument that the doctors must possess in their toolbox in order to meet a patient’s hopes and expectations during the follow up of a disease which is eventually fatal or which may become chronically uncontrolled.


Narrative medicine, Thyroid cancer in progression, Acromegaly, Medical examination

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6092/1828-6550/APMB.107.1.2019.SD3


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