An unusual case of cortriatrumdexter in a dog

Antonio La Pietra, Giordana Merola, Maura Albanese, Annamaria Passantino, Rocky La Maestra, Michela Pugliese


Cortriatrumdexter (CTD) is a rare congenital malformation that can affect both humans and animals, in which the right atrium (RA) is divided into two chambers by a membranous structure. There is a high incidence of other cardiac congenital abnormalities associated with CTD. Clinical manifestations vary widley according to the degree of partitioning or septation of the RA. This study show the clinical case of a two-year-old, male intact, crossbreed dog, affect from CTD associated with three other congenital heart malformations: pulmonic stenosis, mitral and tricuspid dysplasia. Diagnosis, monitoring and drug therapy of the clinical case will be reported.


Cortriatriatumdexter, cardiac defect, canine heart disease, CTD, CHD

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