Vaccine or not vaccine: that’s the question.

Sara Manti, Venera Tiralongo, Carmelo Romeo, Eloisa Gitto


In light of the most significant burden of COVID-19 in terms of severe disease and deaths, great progress have been made on the vaccination front with a significant reduction in the severe disease course, rate of hospitalization and deaths, especially in the older population, and also suffering from chronic diseases. Looking at the paediatric population, World Health Organization (WHO) and Food Drug Administration (FDA) are currently reviewing the scientific evidence on the need and timing of vaccinating the paediatric population with the currently available COVID-19 vaccines. Herein, we briefly summarized the impact of COVID-19 on the pediatric population and reported the most recent evidence on the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccination in children


children; COVID-19; efficacy; safety; vaccination

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