Scavare nella polvere. Dialogo tra uomo e donna di Saverio La Ruina

Angela Albanese


The newest work of playwright, actor and stage director Saverio La Ruina, Polvere. Dialogo tra uomo e donna, is the third piece of a triptych (with the monologues Dissonorata and La Borto) that explores gender relations and violence against women. In contrast to the first two plays, the violence expressed in the ten dialogue scenes of Dust is not so much physical, but psychological and verbal. This essay tracks the erosion of love through the endless repetition of the same obsessive demands, played out on a virtually bare stage. In the shift from monologue to drama, and through the cold, hyperreal repetition of an inescapable situation, Dust restores the contagious power of the dramatic image. The playwright exposes a tragic reality in its naked essence, and the viewer cannot tear her eyes away from a truth she’d rather not see.

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