The choreographic becoming in classrom contexts: serendipity in the instant composition of Julyen Hamilton

Maíra Santos


This article aims at discussing the notion of ‘instant composition’ according to the conception of the British choreographer Julyen Hamilton, through his pedagogical work, which is dedicated to the performance, that is, to the scene work. His body practices are therefore based on improvisational work from the beginning, aiming at the instant composition as choreography. Thus, one of the questions that arises is how the choreographer agencies the choreographic processes and becomings in workshop and class contexts, considering that his training work differs little from the one he has done with his Allen’s Lien Company and his solos. For that purpose, an artistic practice of ethnography (Fortin, 2009) has been held in which the privileged field was the studio itself and workshops held in Berlin’s circuits of contemporary dance between January and June 2015.

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