Visibilità della fama, infamia della Croce e un nuovo concetto di gloria

Carla Maria Bino


This article aims to discuss the meaning of ‘fame’ as a generator of visibility against the background of the radical change in the dynamics of representation proposed by Christian thought. The first section shows how the concept of earthly fame or ‘vainglory’ is part of a broader discourse on the mechanisms of vision that refer to two opposing orders of knowledge. We will see how this contrast becomes clear when the concept of fame / glory short-circuits with its opposite, infamy, and establishes a new perspective of the gaze. The second section is focused on the paradox of the cross, throne of glory and infamous gallows. This apparently contradictory image is one of the dramaturgical pivots of the Franciscan Passion narrative. Through the story of a naked, miserable and radically humiliated glory, the Order built the script of the “theater of humility” and made it the manifesto of their idea of sequela.


Visual culture of Middle ages; Infamy; History of fame; Passion narrative.

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