Una questione di peli. Cross-skinning, figura e deformità nel Ballo degli Ardenti

Angelica Aurora Montanari


The use of costumes and masks, made from animal skins and furs or inspired by similar materials, confers to the dancers particular characteristics. In this article, we will consider an emblematic example: the “Ball of the Burning Men”, a Parisian episode dating back to the end of 1393. We will investigate the impact of wearing animal skins and furs on performing bodies, in connection with the transfiguratio triggered by masks. Besides, we will highlight the presence of possible traces of widespread and long-lasting ritual patterns. The purpose of this article is to investigate how hair mask acts on performing body, modifying his “figure\ scheme\τύπος” and activating a principle of sympathetic metamorphosis.


Ball of the Burning Men; Cross-skinning; Masks; Dance performances; Charivari, illuminated manuscripts

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2240-5380/11.2021.87-102


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