Dare forma all’incontro. Gli aspetti relazionali della drammaturgia contemporanea

Jovana Malinaric


Over the last twenty years, different theatrical and performance approaches have emerged that make it difficult to consolidate a single definition of dramaturgy. At a time when dramatic and post-dramatic forms are becoming more and more intermingled, where the encounter between theatre and new media gives rise to increasingly hybrid performances, and where the boundaries between the different performing arts (dance, theatre and performance) and the visual arts are becoming increasingly blurred, the task of investigating the value and meaning of dramaturgy, following its mutations, arises. This article addresses the issue of audience perception and involvement in contemporary performance dynamics. Deploying the most recent theoretical approaches in the fields of visual arts, philosophy, communication and performing arts, it proposes
the term relational dramaturgy as a methodological tool suitable to analytically address the artistic practices of contemporary theatre that employ scenic languages aimed at problematizing the relationship with the spectator.


Theater; Dramatic and Post-Dramatic Forms; Audience Involvement; Relational Dramaturgy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2240-5380/12.2022.27-34


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