Hilando filando: artes escénicas, representación social y memoria colectiva de una mascarada de invierno

Maria Pilar Panero Garcia


In 2009, the theatre company Alkimia 130 (1995-2011) directed by Mercerdes Herrero, committed to the idea that the performing arts are useful in the investigation of community rites, made a second residency and a second performance around the winter masquerade Los Carochos. If in 2007 the guide of their action, La tenazada, was the most emblematic character, the Devil or Carocho, on this occasion, Hilando filando, the chosen one is the Gitana-Filandorra, a mysterious and ambiguous figure that they rethink in the key of the 21st century. The double and feminine character, traditionally played by young men, is interpreted in a local key, but with a universal social commitment. On this occasion, the elements of ritual are also included and its values are present in a symbolic and reflexive way. The performance is a tool for thinking about the tradition we inherited and bequeathed.


Los Carochos (Riofrío de Aliste); Masquerade; Street Theatre; Alkimia 130; Tradition and Gender

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2240-5380/12.2022.45-76


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